Huiswerkbegeleiding en bijles in omgeving Son en Breugel.


As you have noticed all information given on this site is in Dutch. Should you not master this language fully please read the following summary in English.

‘De Coach’ is a Homework-Support class for any pupil or student who wants to do his or her homework, preparation of projects and talks etc. etc. in a very professional and safe environment. The group is always run by highly qualified, experienced, English speaking and caring professionals. Naturally each pupil can use a computer if necessary for his or her homework.

Whether you simply require help because you do not master the Dutch language or whether you need help because your textbooks or assignments are in English (for example if you attend the TVWO or THAVO) we will be able to help you efficiently and at the same time encourage you how to help yourself so eventually we will no longer be necessary.

Our classes are run in a friendly and professional building in Son en Breugel just 4 miles north of Eindhoven. To guarantee personal attention there will never be more than 12 children in each group.

So if you are in doubt whether our Homework-Support class is useful please rest assured that for us a language barrier does not exist. For further information including hours, prices and special support for learning difficulties please contact: Marianne Wagemans by phone (0499)785014 or mobile phone 06 53771357.