This course is meant for people who do not have Dutch as their mother tongue but who do dispose of basic communication skills. For example you have successfully taken the state exam NT 2 or an 'inburgeringscursus' or alternatively you dispose of basic communication skills through self-study and would like to improve these.

The objectives of the course are that you will improve your Dutch speaking skills in conversations which require more in depth knowledge of both the language and the topics.
During the course only Dutch is spoken and a lot of attention will be paid to Dutch habits, culture and current events. The main focus is on speaking skills but also listening comprehension, vocabulary and if necessary grammar will be covered. As varied teaching methods will be used, the course is far from schoolish but exciting and varied. Besides role plays and presentations also state of the art media and ICT tools will be used. Naturally, attention will also be paid to written communication. As groups will not exceed 8 persons everybody will be able to engage in conversation freely.

The highly qualified Dutch teacher is very experienced in teaching Dutch as a second language to people from many different cultural backgrounds. Before the lessons start your objectives will be discussed and your language level will be assessed.

Then you will also be informed which teaching materials will be used.