In addition to our regular language courses, we also offer private tuition focused on special needs. We can match almost any language with a native or near native language teacher. This teacher can either come to your private or business address. Courses can be individual or in groups. If for example you and your friends want to visit Barcelona and you want to prepare your visit well, a special compact course is perfectly possible. During a preliminary talk we assess your needs and determine how to focus the course. This may vary from basic language skills to talking about Catalan art and culture. On the other hand you may wish to be familiarized with specific and highly specialized idioms for business use (oil rigs in the Russian Arctic). Courses may be focused on theory or day to day conversation for example speaking Italian when preparing your favorite Italian dish! It is also possible to follow a private training in Dutch for non-Dutch speakers who live in the Netherlands.

For further questions on tailor made language courses you can contact us at: : info@decoach.net or 0499-785014.